YUMA, ARIZ. — Visit Yuma announced today that two members who own restaurants have come to a new agreement. "Both members are such prominent fixtures in our community, one as a long-time, beloved location and the other as a relative newcomer, offering fresh new tastes," said Linda Morgan, Executive Director of Visit Yuma. "We are very happy for both entities, both families, for the great outcome of this new business deal." 

Chef Eddie Guzman is the new owner of Julieanna's Patio Cafe, located at 1951 W. 25th St. in Yuma. Julieanna's creator, Julie Fritz Feinberg sold the restaurant to Guzman and the grand reopening will take place "hopefully by New Year's Eve," said Guzman. Guzman also owns and operates Takos and Beer, 2071 S. 4th Ave. in Yuma, and Fresh Taste Catering. Visit Yuma is happy to share interviews and an inside look at both families who shaped Julieanna's past and are about to shape Julieanna's future.

"We've poured our hearts into Julieanna's, and it's been an honor to be a part of Yuma's families for two generations," said Feinberg. "Now's our chance to retire and enjoy our passion for motorcycling and traveling," she added. "I've had so many incredible experiences here. Now that it's time to move on, I called up Eddie to hand off this big ship. It's a lot, and Eddie's the man to take it on from here," said Feinberg.

For more than 24 years, Julieanna's Patio Cafe has been a favorite destination for dining in Yuma. Built in 1996 by Julie Fritz Feinberg and her husband, Dale, Julieanna's has long served as a prime location for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, engagements and weddings. Its setting is an oasis, in the courtyard of Picacho Mountain Medical Center. The tropical landscaping is a perfect setting for the macaws who grace the patio.

"My vision is to keep so much of what has made Julieanna's so special like the patio setting, but to bring in the fresh twist," said Guzman. "The logo and restaurant will have a different look. My goal is for Julieanna's to become one of the best steakhouses, not only in Yuma, but also in Arizona. We're going to ramp up the fine dining to give Yuma a great steakhouse with outstanding cocktails, food, and exceptional quality. " 

"Since I was young, I loved getting to go to Julieanna's. In 2010 I had the chance to work with Chef John in the kitchen--that was a dream. Now the dream is even more a reality, to own this restaurant. We want to bring the restaurant into a new era" said Guzman.