Performing Arts / Theater

The performing arts are alive in the Desert Southwest! The community of Yuma boasts a wide array of performing artists, from the youngest to the oldest. Long-time institutions in Yuma, the Yuma Orchestra Association puts classical music within reach of anyone, and Ballet Yuma is the only pre-professional program in Arizona, with graduates who have gone on to dance professionally with San Francisco Ballet. Guest performers from other companies around the United States enhance not only the performances seen by those in the audience, but they provide valuable experience and training for the younger dancers, too. Both the Orchestra and Ballet offer seasonal shows.

Jazz, ranging from ragtime to contemporary, Big Band to Fusion, or just the stylings of a talented duo, can be heard at many venues around town. Strong proponents of local jazz mean that all throughout the year, there’s a way to get all jazzed at live performances. Or, catch it on 88.9 FM KAWC’s “Jazz Straightahead,” which will also let you know about upcoming events.

The Historic Yuma Theatre hosts both local and traveling shows. Look for local favorites such as Battle of the Bands, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and “Yuma’s Got Talent,” or take in seasonal favorites such as the Nutcracker or holiday sing-alongs. If you’re looking to take it up a notch, production companies love to stop in Yuma on their way through to larger cities, bringing Chinese acrobats, Indian dance, renowned classical music soloists or quartets, or drama performances. 

For live music, Yuma is a regular stop on the circuit for tribute bands and impersonators—how can they sound and look that close to Tina Turner, Michael Jackson or Neil Diamond? You might swear they’re as good as the original Beetles or Guns N’ Roses. With music acts covering the gamut of country, crooners, 60s, 70s, rock, and Broadway hits, you’ll want to clap along and tap your toes.

And you don’t have to be inside to experience a great show! The Sunniest City on Earth offers lots of opportunities to hear great regional and national acts at festivals and annual events! On a warm, sunny day or evening, nothing beats relaxing on a lawn with a cold beverage and enjoying tunes that you love!


Yuma's always been diverse community - and that diversity is reflected in our dining and nightlife options. Whether you're an "adventure eater" who craves authentic street food or an aspiring gourmet, you won't go hungry.

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