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Yuma is home to many different school districts for primary and secondary education. Yuma and South County provide five school districts for elementary and high school students. Additionally, East County provides four school districts, with three elementary schools and one high school. When a Yuman graduates high school, they can continue to higher education right here in Yuma. Arizona Western College is Yuma’s community college and offers a range of degrees and course work. AWC also provides a joint program to students interested in completing their Bachelors degree by transferring to one of Arizona universities. Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University, and University of Arizona are all available to attend with extended campuses throughout the city. If you are hoping to continue to higher education or placing your child at the right school, Yuma has many different schools and educational paths to choose from.



Arizona has a high regard for local control in public education, which has resulted in separate administration of elementary and high school districts. Other educational alternatives include public charter schools and a variety of private and parochial schools, or parents may home school their children in accordance with state law. For more information, contact the Yuma County School Superintendent at 928-373-1006.

Yuma and south county

Students from the Yuma metro area school districts, Crane Elementary School District and Yuma School District One, and south county students from Somerton Elementary School District and Gadsden Elementary School District all attend Yuma Union High School District schools after eighth grade.

  • CRANE SCHOOL DISTRICT (928-373-3400) was established in 1899 as Yuma's first school district and continues the pioneering spirit of its motto, "Crane Schools, Leaders in Learning." Crane is a K-8 school district serving more than 6,300 students through the combined efforts of more than 600 employees. Crane's goal is that at least 90 percent of its students meet or exceed state standards in reading, writing and math.

  • YUMA SCHOOL DISTRICT ONE (928-502-4300) One Community Pursuing Excellence is the compelling vision of its 13 elementary schools and five middle schools. District One's mission is to ensure a comprehensive education for our students through relevant, rigorous curriculum and instructional excellence.

  • GADSDEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT #32 (San Luis, 928-627-6540) includes six elementary schools, a middle school and a junior high that aims to go "from the Wild West to the nation's best." The Gadsden Elementary School District Marching Band is known throughout the region - and even the world.

  • SOMERTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT #11, (Somerton, 928-341-6000) is a K-8 school district in the southwest corner of Arizona that includes three elementary schools, one early childhood learning center and one middle school.

  • YUMA UNION HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 70 (928-502-4600) serves a total student population of 11,000. It covers western Yuma County from the Gila Mountains to California and south to the international border. Schools include Cibola High School, Gila Ridge High School, Kofa High School, San Luis High School, Vista Alternative High School and Yuma High School.


East county schools

The Antelope Union High School District covers the remainder of Yuma County, from the Gila Mountains east to the county line. Students from the Hyder, Mohawk Valley and Wellton elementary school districts attend Antelope High School after eighth grade.

Higher Education

Yuma offers a variety of opportunities for higher education within the local community, including a public two-year community college, a university branch campus and other programs.

ARIZONA WESTERN COLLEGE (928-317-6000 or 888-293-0392) Arizona Western College shares a campus and other resources with Northern Arizona University-Yuma in the peaceful setting of the Gila Valley. With 391 full-time faculty and staff guiding an enrollment of 12,000, AWC is a public two-year community college awcaccredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. AWC offers course work for 29 transfer programs, 32 occupational degree programs, one general studies degree (11 areas), three Arizona general education curriculum certificates, 57 occupational certificates, and a variety of life-long learning opportunities. Beginning in 2015, AWC is partnering with Arizona State University to offer several new degree programs in Yuma.
NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY YUMA (928-317-6450) The NAU Yuma Branch Campus, in partnership with AWC, serves the third largest metropolitan area in Arizona. Located on AWC, NAU Yuma is a thriving center for education with a 31-year history in the Yuma community.  NAU Yuma provides an affordable, quality college education offering undergraduate and graduate programs, including 54 bachelors, 33 masters, and 21 certificate programs. There are 106 fully online and ten traditional classroom undergrad/graduate programs offered to students in Yuma. Its branch campus designation permits Yuma campus administration and faculty the opportunity to create additional degree programs to meet the needs of the local community as well as the growing demands of the regional job market.  NAU Yuma Branch Campus is a Hispanic Serving Institution.  

ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY (855-278-5080) Arizona State University offers bachelor's degree programs to the Yuma community through ASU@Yuma, a partnership with Arizona Western College.AWC-ASU-day Students will be able to complete their community college course work and then transfer to ASU to complete their degrees without having to relocate. Those attending ASU@Yuma will have the opportunity attend with a reduced ASU tuition rate. In addition to this partnership, Yuma residents can explore further educational options at ASU without relocating through ASU Online, which enables students to complete over 100 degree programs entirely online.

UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA YUMA (Tanya Hodges: 928-271-9560 or Alberto Urbieta: 928-210-7202)

The University of Arizona Yuma is a regional campus for the University of Arizona, serving Yuma County, La Paz County, and Imperial County. As part of Arizona’s first university, UA Yuma serves our diverse regional community with student-centered teaching and learning experiences that inspire life-long learning and empower students to achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals. UA Yuma is committed to providing educational pathways and community partnerships that ensure mutual success and enhance the academic, economic, and cultural vitality across our diverse regional community.

Enjoy the benefits of a UA experience without leaving your hometown!

UA Yuma is a University of Arizona campus serving La Paz and all of Yuma County. We offer tailored programs to meet the needs of our local community, and also those of working students of all ages.

At the undergraduate level, UA Yuma serves as a partner with 2 institutions, including Arizona Western College and Imperial Valley College, to transition students into a bachelors degree program with the University of Arizona.

At the graduate studies level, UA Yuma offers full and comprehensive programs at the local UA Yuma campus to help students achieve their master's degree.

UA Yuma offers over 16 transfer degree pathways in a 2+2 format, allowing students in the Yuma area to complete the first two years of their Bachelor’s degree at local community colleges, then transfer to UA Yuma for the second two years, completing an Associate’s degree along the way! Innovative teaching technologies and local faculty members allow you to earn high quality, respected UA degree program without having to travel to Tucson. For more information regarding degrees and programs go to or call 928-782-1945


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