Arts & Entertainment

One of the areas of growth that does Yuma proud is its art and artists communities. A certain “coming of age” has turned Yuma into a regional center for the arts, which in turn attracts more artists and fresh ideas, unleashing an art force to be reckoned with! Gallery shows, new murals and public art pieces, and a flourishing performing arts scene point to local artists painting a new picture of how people think of Yuma.

A busy winter schedule of performances means evenings full of entertainment, from the series of classics chosen by the Yuma Orchestra, to jazz pop-ups at restaurants and outdoor venues, to holiday sing-alongs or a battle of the bands. Festivals and annual events also bring muscle power to the music scene by bringing in regional or national acts as well.

The Yuma Art Center presents live performances of all kinds: traveling tribute bands and Chinese acrobats, ballet, drama productions, and everything in between. It also exhibits works of local and nationally known artists within its elegant galleries. 

For outdoor art around town, see a full list of murals to explore, either on foot or by car. To get your hands on making art, the North End Artists Co-op does live demos on Saturdays from September-May. Weld Like a Girl offers welding classes that double as empowerment projects for girls and women with themes ranging from “Yard Art” to “The Goddess Within.” If you like to be hands-on or would rather sit back and enjoy the show, arts and entertainment in Yuma are a good time to be had by all.

Art Galleries

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Murals & Public Arts

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Performing Arts / Theater

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