Just north of Yuma, a variety of natural experiences await visitors and residents at Martinez Lake, Squaw Lake, Senators Wash, and on the Colorado River. Ecosystems and microclimates from mountainous to desert to waterfront bring together a wide variety of wildlife that all come to the water. Mule deer, pronghorns, coyotes and foxes, hares and desert tortoises, snakes and birds of numerous kinds all pass through the areas around the lakes near Yuma, making a great authentic adventure into the desert environment for us humans, but with the “plus” of cool blue water. Hikers and bikers, campers and families on day-outings all seek out the lakes around Yuma, as well as boaters and floaters who want to be on the water for their recreation and back-to-nature time. There is usually a wide mix of users, from those driving in from some distance to bring their boat to Yuma’s waters for the day, Yuma’s large community of military families who often hail from other places, visitors passing through, and long-time locals who all favor the special scenery and sunny climate around these lakes. There are also large pop-up communities of snowbirds who bring their travel trailer or RV to BLM lands or private campgrounds to stay for the winter. It’s no wonder why these lush green and wet areas make a great oasis in the desert southwest for so many people!

Outdoor Adventure

Yuma has everything under the sun, when it comes to outdoor adventures. From mild to wild, you can kick it up in the desert or on the river.  When it comes to desert fun, offroading at the Imperial Sand Dunes can get your motor going, or you might prefer hiking in the silence of the Sonoran...

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