Whether you want to feel the power of opening up the throttle of a speedboat, putting along on a pontoon, or heading for a fishing hole, the Colorado River and lakes north of Yuma provide lots of deep water for everyone. Carved into the desert landscape, the lush greenery along the lakes and river’s edge draw in both wildlife and humans looking to go wild. Some visitors and locals hit the water to get out into the quiet of nature, in our wide-open spaces, while others want to rev up the recreation options. Jet-skiing, water-skiing, and being pulled by a powerboat on a tube or float can provide the rush and exhilaration that only a major body of water like the great Colorado River can give you. Pulling up to sandbars gives opportunities to rehydrate with your beverage of choice and to hop into the shallows. It’s easy to find the spot that’s right for you, for a tranquil trip to the river or lakes, or to be right in the midst of a giant river-long party going on.  Bring your own boat and gear, or gear up and rent a ride nearby. Either bring family and friends with you for the day, or make new friends as you go. Maps of Martinez Lake, Squaw Lake, Senators Wash, and the Colorado River are available here.


Sleep under the stars…Expand your sense of wonder by camping overnight with indigenous desert dwellers for company... Avian, reptile, and small mammal animals may show themselves around you, if you take the time to be still and listen. 

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