Water Parks & Pools

Whether lap swimming or splashing around is your happy place, hop in at an area pool. Swimming outside is a treat in the winter; two city pools, Kennedy Pool and Marcus Pool, offer lap swimming daily for those getting their exercise.  For the younger set, two city pools feature water slides and in-pool playgrounds.
Go have a blast at Waylon’s World Water Park. The Z Fun Factory which is located next to Waylon’s, is fun for families with kids, or for you and your buddies, too. That place brings out the kid in anybody! Plan to stay awhile—with so much to do, the day will zip by before you know it. The batting cages, bumper cars, games, and video arcade put you squarely in the fun zone, so just roll with it! Have you seen their miniature golf course? Did you know you’d get schooled on Yuma history and local landmarks along the course? Delightful surprises await, around every corner on these Yuma-rific putt-putt links. And did we mention their under-21 and over-21 cool beverages and great food, too?

Most of the pools at Yuma’s hotels and RV resorts are heated throughout the winter, meaning you never need to dip your toes in and find it too chilly. There’s something special about spending an evening in a pool lit from underwater, with the shimmering “swimming pool blue” color contrasting against a dark sky with twinkling stars. Feeling warm and relaxed in a pool or hot tub outdoors in the middle of winter is about as good as it gets!

Things To Do With Kids

Yuma is a great family-friendly destination for a vacation or longer stay. There are lots of wide-open wild spaces by the Colorado River or in the desert, city parks, gaming and outdoor recreation venues, ways to cool off in the water, attractions specifically made for kids, and places for them to...

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