Forecast: Sunshine

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If you enjoy sunshine and clear skies year-round, Yuma is your perfect destination. Known as the Sunniest City on Earth, Yuma shines the brightest at 91 percent of daylight hours per year (a mean of 4,055 hours per year of 4,456 possible). We are also the driest and least humid climate – your hair will thank you later. Yuma only receives an annual rainfall of three inches*, so there is no need for rainboots or a raincoat. Even with all the sunshine, Yuma is not actually the hottest city. When fall approaches, Yuma enters a truly pleasant time of the year. The nights are cool and Yumans can finally pull out their cardigans and flannels, while you might still see out-of-town visitors in shorts as it never reaches extremely cold temperatures. Yuma winters allow for vegetables and citrus to flourish as hard freezes are rare. When the temperatures begin to rise again and the fresh smell of orange blossoms consume the air, you will know spring has begun.

*SOURCE: National Climatic Data Center (NOAA)


Weather Averages

JAN 41°F 68°F .45"
APR 52°F 86°F .15"
JUL 76°F 106°F .31"
OCT 58°F 89°F .31"

Record Breakers!

In January of 2007, Yuma witnessed a record low of 13°F. Chilly for the desert, but we made up for it July 28, 1995, with a record high of 124°F! Now THAT'S a scorcher.

Check out the current weather in Yuma here.

Outdoors & Nature

The wide-open spaces in and around Yuma lend themselves perfectly to outdoor adventures in the desert or on the Colorado River. Social distancing? No problem! Fresh air and nature? Lots of it! Sunny and warm weather? Undoubtedly, since Yuma is the Sunniest City on Earth, according to Guinness World...

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