Outdoor Adventure

Yuma has everything under the sun, when it comes to outdoor adventures. From mild to wild, you can kick it up in the desert or on the river.  

When it comes to desert fun, offroading at the Imperial Sand Dunes can get your motor going, or you might prefer hiking in the silence of the Sonoran desert, just you, the cacti, and a few birds and animals…Just kidding! There’s a lot of life out there to discover. Taking it slow on foot or by mountain bike will reveal much more than you ever thought was “out there.” Area hikes range from a couple of hours up-and-back on Telegraph Pass, to overnight back-country camping forays into the Kofas or Picacho State Recreation Area. Dozens of mountain biking trails get you to places you can’t even imagine, perhaps glimpsing a bighorn sheep or wild burros. Or head out by motorcycle or vehicle to find yesteryear’s abandoned mines, towns, or historical monuments. 

Whether propelled on a powerboat or moving under your own power by kayak, canoe, or paddleboard, the wonder of the Colorado River is on display all day, from a quiet sunrise to a day floating in the sun, to magnificent sunsets reflected on the water. Several lakes north of Yuma, in the Colorado River watershed, are great places to play in the water with family or throw out a line to fish for a while.

You can even have a wild time within the city limits! Check out the East and West Wetlands where natural habitats and scenery can seem “away from it all,” not far from downtown. Easy access to beaches, lots of room for kids to explore, and interpretive signage about wildlife and desert plants can bring the river and desert to you without leaving town.

Outdoors & Nature

The wide-open spaces in and around Yuma lend themselves perfectly to outdoor adventures in the desert or on the Colorado River. Social distancing? No problem! Fresh air and nature? Lots of it! Sunny and warm weather? Undoubtedly, since Yuma is the Sunniest City on Earth, according to Guinness World...

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