Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival

The Caballeros de Yuma present the Colorado River Crossing Hot Air Balloon Festival each November. It’s one of Yuma, Arizona's premier fall events. The festival attracts some of the most colorful and unique balloons from the West and Southwest. Staged over three days, with mass ascensions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the early morning hours, the festival uses the Colorado River and the Sonoran Desert as its backdrop. Don’t miss the desert balloon glow that takes place on Saturday night at Yuma's Desert Sun Baseball Stadium where tethered balloons fill the soccer fields with their burners firing at full blast, the balloons glow brightly in the dark desert sky, with the entire pageant set to music. 

The 32nd Annual Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival will be held November 18-20! Check out their website for more info!

Colorado River Balloon Crossing

Outdoors & Nature

The wide-open spaces in and around Yuma lend themselves perfectly to outdoor adventures in the desert or on the Colorado River. Social distancing? No problem! Fresh air and nature? Lots of it! Sunny and warm weather? Undoubtedly, since Yuma is the Sunniest City on Earth, according to Guinness World...

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