Ice Cream & Sweets

Between corner shops and nationally-branded places for ice cream, sweets and treats, you’ll be in goody heaven with the offerings at Yuma’s spots to grab something yummy. Frozen yogurt, ice cream creations, frozen drinks, cakes, pies, cookies, tartes and more make up the landscape of delicious treats. If you want a treat, you’ll also want to learn the word “raspados” right away in Yuma. Chile mango smoothies, fresh strawberry and pineapple coladas,…and so very many ways to make Mexican chips, a packet of tortilla chips, with added fresh ingredients over the top, eaten out of the foil package. While it might not seem like cups of spicy ceviche and soft-serve ice cream sundaes should come from the same place, it all makes sense once you’re in a raspado shop with lines of kids and families picking out delicious cool treats.

** Some restaurants and bars may require you to wear a mask. Some are offering takeout or delivery only. Check with the restaurant or bar to verify what their operations are, and enjoy your food and drink safely.

Things To Do With Kids

Yuma is a great family-friendly destination for a vacation or longer stay. There are lots of wide-open wild spaces by the Colorado River or in the desert, city parks, gaming and outdoor recreation venues, ways to cool off in the water, attractions specifically made for kids, and places for them to...

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