Colorado River Off Road

UTVs parked just east of Lower Colorado River

Staying Alive

Plan, organize, and survive

The Desert Southwest has long been revered as an outdoor enthusiast's dream. The region is home to some breathtaking sceneries, with some only being accessible to vehicles with off-road capabilities. But, before you decide to venture out into the wild, you have to remember that it's just that, wild. The Sonoran desert is home to many species ranging from poisonous reptiles to coyotes, and even those cute burros can be dangerous. So, if you venture into their home, please treat it with the respect it deserves. 

It should go without saying, that if you enjoy the great outdoors you know the golden rule "Leave it, better than you found it" which translates to making sure you pick up after yourselves and possibly after less responsible people. Always include trash bags in your gear and take the trash with you when you leave. We ask that you keep to existing trails as much as possible, the region is home to some endangered species of animals and vegetation. 

Before Heading Out 

It's recommended that you avoid heading out into the desert alone, if it's unavoidable, we ask that you inform someone of your plans and the location you will be in. Always pack heavy, taking additional water, food, batteries, and if possible a cell phone charger or external power supply. Before every ride, you should do a pre-check of your vehicle's fluids, tire wear, and battery voltage. Make sure to wear long sleeves, pants, boots, eye protection, and a U.S. DOT-approved helmet. 

Off-road must-haves 

  • Survival Kit (water, purification tablets, flashlight, first aid kit, sunscreen) 
  • Tool Box (Flat repair kit, essential tools, knife, multi-tool) 
  • Extra Clothing (jacket, rain gear) 
  • Vehicle Supplies (tires, belts, coolant, oil, fuel) 

For more tips, you can download the ATV Safety Institute Tips and Practices Guide


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