Extended Stay

It’s happened to the best of us. You come here on vacation for a week the first time (let’s say, oh, in January) and you think, wow, we’ve got to come back for longer next time. It’s not unusual at all for many visitors to find ways to stay in Yuma for several months if the blizzards are raging back home and it’s sunny and in the 70s here. While winter season is the “prime time” in Yuma, there are still good deals to be had on extended stay rates. Check with these Visit Yuma members about any extended stay specials or rates they have for the length of time you’d like to spend in Yuma. It can turn out to be quite cost-efficient to stay longer! And with so much to see and do in Yuma, why head back into the snow or slush right away. Grab another beverage and enjoy your time in the Sunniest City on Earth.


Yuma loves a good fiesta or festival! Many annual events fill the calendar with community celebrations like the Yuma County Fair and the Iceberg Drop on New Year’s Eve. There’s live music and performing arts, a beautiful hot air balloon festival, as well as chances to see vintage cars or...

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