Coffee Shops

When all it will take is a great coffee drink to make your day, Yuma’s coffee shops offer every type of brew, from regular black coffee to froo-froo creamy concoctions. There are both the nationally-known chains offering obsessively consistent quality coffee drinks and also hometown corner spots with flavors and flairs that make their crafted drinks unique and special. Whether it’s a steaming cup of joe that gets you going in the morning, or you’re looking for a pick-me-up later in the day, baristas are standing by to serve your coffee and brewed beverage needs. Most local shops, as well as at the chains, offer iced, creamy, blended and other specialty drinks including fruit smoothies and herbal tea variations. Seek out a locally-owned café for your coffee of choice and try out their avocado toast, acai bowl, homemade granola cup, or other special treats. If you’re exploring or adventuring all over Yuma, gear up with that great cup of coffee and seize the day!

** Some restaurants and bars may require you to wear a mask. Some are offering takeout or delivery only. Check with the restaurant or bar to verify what their operations are, and enjoy your food and drink safely.

Ice Cream & Sweets

Between corner shops and nationally-branded places for ice cream, sweets and treats, you’ll be in goody heaven with the offerings at Yuma’s spots to grab something yummy. Frozen yogurt, ice cream creations, frozen drinks, cakes, pies, cookies, tartes and more make up the landscape of...

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