Visit Yuma stands ready to assist you with the services you need to plan for or prepare for your meeting in Yuma, to make it your best yet! Our professional staff acts as a liaison between your group and our member hotels, attractions and convention facilities. From coordinating linens, pipe and drape, rentals, and logistics, to getting meeting space, catering and lodging bids, to assisting with getting transportation lined up, Visit Yuma’s Group Sales team is ready to assist. Welcome Bags are available at no charge as well. Need motivational speakers or industry experts to address your delegates? We can assist with that, as well as bringing in entertainers to please any group. Whatever you need or desire, our team will work with you to create your best event yet.

Whatever your meeting’s size, when your day of meetings is done, Yuma has great ideas for outdoor activities, from exercising together, to team building, to fun ways to let loose at the end of the day. Canoe a stretch of the Colorado River, hike along a desert path, or learn about Yuma’s past together at local historic sites. Friends do let friends drink-and-make-art or kick up their heels together to music at a patio reception—putting together special times is our specialty! Contact for local expertise and connections.

Most participants of meetings held in Yuma enjoy adding on an extra day or two, pre- or post-. We have itineraries which can shape full days to any taste or interest, including learning about our desert and Colorado River environments, hiking or biking adventures, taking in the historic sites, or going for a float along the River. It’s also possible to “head for the border” with a quick jaunt to Los Algodones, just 20 minutes from Yuma. This quaint border town in Mexico caters to visitors. It’s easy to park on the U.S. side and walk in. Just remember to tell everyone to bring their passports!

Fun fact: November to March, Yuma is the winter vegetable capital of the world, supplying more than 91% of North America’s greens. We welcome meetings to engage with our agricultural culture. We can set up custom tours of local farms and Medjool date groves to help your delegates learn where their winter vegetables and dates come from!