Golfing in Yuma comes just about as naturally as breathing. Many winter visitors play every day, checking out different courses, or staying with their favorite. As the season changes to warmer temps, many golfers just shift to an earlier hour to get in their round, with some golfing almost every day of the year. And why wouldn’t they? Yuma’s climate provides a nearly-perfect environment with fewer than five rain days in a year. Gorgeous scenery, mild winter temps, and plenty of sunshine make a golfer’s paradise. Tee up for a great game at one of Yuma’s many great golf courses. Yuma-area golf courses vary from lushly-landscaped to xeriscaped with natural sand and rocks outside of the greens and fairways. Check out the amenities listed for each course below to see which you prefer. Whichever course you choose, it’ll be a great day on the links.

Places To Stay

When you’re ready for rest and relaxation after a full day of adventures, there is a wide variety of lodging options in Yuma and the surrounding area. Go for luxe with a well-appointed stay near downtown, or pick a historic motel from along 4th Avenue, from back when visitors motored through,...

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