About Yuma

Yuma, Arizona was first incorporated as Arizona City in 1871, and was then renamed in 1873. Nestled between Phoenix, Arizona, and San Diego, California, Yuma features extraordinary outdoor activities from tubing on the Colorado River to off-roading at the Buttercup Sand Dunes. Yuma hosts local events like the Medjool Date Festival, Art in the Park, and Midnight at the Oasis. Yuma is the winter vegetable capital of the world, producing 91% of the leafy greens eaten in North America during the winter.

Yuma is the 11th largest city in Arizona, with an estimated population (2010 Census) of 93,064. Yuma is home to the Marine Corps Air Station that houses thousands of Marines and their families. The Yuma population also nearly doubles from January to March with the sun-seeking snowbirds that visit Yuma, Arizona.

Our proximity to the border reflects the authenticity of our heritage with nearly 60 percent of county residents saying they are of Hispanic origin.

From the heart of Yuma, Winterhaven, and Bard Valley, California, are just a short drive away. We welcome those communities as part of the greater Yuma area, and include information about our California neighbors.

Check out Yuma as a Destination Fact Sheet here.

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