The word “pizza” brings up so many styles and tastes in visitors’ minds—what’s your favorite kind? From thick, chewy crusts to crispy, from spicy tomato sauce to creamy garlic on your pie, what’s your flavor profile? Besides classic pizza combos like sausage and pepperoni, you’ll also find a mix of Mexican varieties like Taco Pizza, chorizo as a meat option, or truly Mexican pizzas, literally a crispy tortilla piled with beans, cheese and veggies at Yuma eateries. Traditional pizza restaurants, warm from the big ovens, or Italian restaurants featuring a wide variety of pies to popular spots like pubs which feature newer flavors like Thai chicken or barbeque or blue cheese and pear combos…Or, you can order take out or even the bake-at-home pizzas. Take a bite out of the ones that sound most flavorful to you! Some pizza restaurants are beer and wine only; some of the restaurants feature full bars, too. Head out for a fun night gathered around a great big pizza, or order one to go and kick back with a slice while you stream a movie—it’s all good!

** Some restaurants and bars may require you to wear a mask. Some are offering takeout or delivery only. Check with the restaurant or bar to verify what their operations are, and enjoy your food and drink safely.

Bars, Breweries & Wine

Yuma bars and breweries offer lots of options to grin and beer it, any time of the day or evening. Yuma bars range from upscale and classy, to happening joints with live music, sports bars or hang out spots for the rest of us. You might just have to try out several, but we’re pretty sure...

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