Tours & Specialty Dinners

Visit Yuma puts on several types of specialty tours and dinners each year, to give visitors deeper looks into several aspects of life in Yuma. With agriculture around Yuma providing 91% of North America’s leafy green vegetables in the winter, the Field to Feast tour is a great opportunity to see how that happens at area farms. To sweeten the deal, lunch is prepared from these same vegetables and you also get to harvest field-fresh vegetables to take home! Another way to learn about Yuma’s unique crop, the Medjool Date, is the Date Night dinner, only offered a handful of times each year. Sunset on the Ranch is another ag-related specialty dinner featuring fabulous locally grown cuisine. Guests dine out on the land, under the stars, after a tractor-pulled wagon ride around the farm. If you’ve looked up and wondered what sort of military plane that is or you’ve been curious about loud booms north of Yuma, you should take a tour on one of Yuma’s two military installations. Civilians stand to learn so much about present military missions, levels at which our technology performs, and the place Yuma’s installations have in serving our nation’s defense.

Pick ‘em quick! Tickets for Visit Yuma tours and dining experiences tend to sell out fast.

See the calendar or It’s Happening weekly e-news to find out when ticket sales begin. When tickets go on sale, they can be purchased here, or at the Visitor Information Center, 264 S. Main St., 928.783.0071 or 800.293.0071.

Learn more about each of the Specialty Tours and Dining Experiences here.


Singles, couples, whoever: Make it a Date Night!

Guests at a Date Night dinner savor a multi-course gourmet dinner served under the stars in a lush Yuma date grove. Every course from appetizer to dessert features a new twist on this oldest of cultivated fruits, showcasing one of Yuma’s more unique crops, Medjool dates. Named by Fodor’s as one of the world’s most unique dining experiences, this unforgettable feast is put on by Visit Yuma only a handful of times per season at Imperial Date Gardens, making it an experience to treasure. Get tickets or for additional information, call 928.783.0071. 

Dinners are $98 per person and are scheduled for the following dates in 2021:

February 19, 20

March 5, 6


Feed your hunger for history

City Historian Tina Clark and lifelong resident Cathy Reeves host History Dinners at St. Paul's Cultural Center, celebrating the best of local dishes and farm-fresh produce with a Mexican flair. During dinner (which includes wine) Tina and Cathy share stories, photos, music and more from Yuma's yesteryear. Each dinner covers a different aspect of Yuma's past, with topics including the Colorado River, downtown, agriculture, and more. Get tickets or for additional information, call 928.783.0071. 

Dinners are $60 per person and are scheduled for the following dates in 2021:

January 28

March 18


Field to Feast Tours

Hop on a bus for this half-day tour led by a local grower and get the first-hand low-down on topics ranging from food safety, current tech trends, labor, and water. Harvest special veggies planted just for us at the University of Arizona research farm.* Then, after a tour of the Arizona Western College Land Lab, enjoy a yummy fresh lunch featuring local produce, prepared by the culinary students.

*Steer clear of agriculture fields, outside of this tour! Important food safety guidelines dictate that people and pets stay out, in order to keep produce safe for you and your family. You can pull over on a quiet country road to take pictures, but please stay out of the fields.

Tours are $60 per person.

Field to Feast Tours are postponed until further notice.


Missions, research, and readiness

Visit Yuma offers two tour options for exploring YPG. Each tour costs $60 per person and includes transportation and lunch on base. For additional information, call 928.783.0071. 

Behind the Big Guns

Go behind YPG’s gates to learn about the installation’s history and modern-day mission. The tour is met by a military officer who shares facts and figures, and details about what it’s like with tanks ripping around and giant booms going off daily.

Tours are $60 per person.

Behind the Big Guns Tours are postponed until further notice.


YPG At Ease

See the sights at Yuma Proving Ground from the comfort of a coach with this expanded "windshield" tour. See the Heritage Center museum and a variety of work areas such as the tanks courses, the airfield and drop zones for parachutists. Includes transportation and lunch. 

Tours are $60 per person.

YPG At Ease Tours are postponed until further notice.


Dinner time on the farm

Sunset on the Ranch introduces visitors to what life on the ranch or farm is like, complete with a local Yuma farm family and tractor-pulled wagon ride. Come out to the land for a farm-style country dinner— Enjoy a gourmet dinner of farm produce, cooked to perfection with a wine or beer pairing, lively company, a shared table, and then time for stories around the fire pit. Get tickets or for additional information, call 928.783.0071. 

Sunset on the Ranch dinners are postponed until further notice.


Save the Date

Did you know that the Yuma and Bard area helped save the Middle East’s Medjool date palms? When disease broke out in Morocco in 1927, palm shoots were brought to this area and cultivated. Some years later, new trees grown here were repatriated to Morocco to help them replenish their date groves. Now local date growers are among the top producers worldwide, even exporting our dates to the Middle East. Each year, up to 15 million pounds of premium Yuma dates are grown, harvested, and then shipped around the world. More date info and recipes can be found at Dates and date products may be purchased at these local establishments:

--Brocket Farms homegrown dates, eggs, local honey, specialty gifts, and more. 102 E. Third St., 928.257.1440

--Imperial Date Gardens gift packs, nuts, candies, and date shakes, call about free tours at 10:30 a.m. Wednesdays or by advance arrangements. 1517 York Road., Bard, Calif.,, 800.301.9349

--Martha’s Gardens Date Farm dates, local honey, sandwiches, soup, date shakes and ice cream, pleasant landscaped patio for a bite, call about farm tours aboard a tram, $10 per person, call for reservations. 9747 Avenue 9 ¾ E,, 928.726.8831

--Naked Dates Organic Medjools, date shakes, handmade soaps, date beer, and fresh eggs, call about walking tours. $10 per person, call in advance. 13589 S. Avenue 25E, Wellton,, 888.374.2037

--Peanut Patch date shakes, homemade fudge, nuts, dried fruits, candy, and gifts, plus free kitchen tours November through March on selected days, call for info. 4322 E County 13 St.,, 928.726.6292

Farm Tours

Yuma farm tours are a great way to find out where your food comes from. If you’re eating a salad during the winter, chances are that it was grown in Yuma. Agriculture is Yuma’s number one business; it’s a more than $4 billion industry each year. More than 91% of the leafy greens...

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