Shopping in downtown Yuma is a sensory delight. Bubbling Spanish-style fountains and historic buildings with traditional architecture front the wide sidewalks, creating easy strolling and looking. The buildings range from some original adobe structures to brick to sleek steel, hinting at the generations of shoppers who’ve come downtown before us. Eateries and pubs dot the street sides. Stopping off for lunch, a quick bite, or a cold one make a delightful way to enjoy downtown’s shops. On warm afternoons, shoppers will appreciate the deep arcades that cover the sidewalks to keep it cooler and breezier.

Downtown is the place to shop if you’re looking for that “something special” or a perfect memento of your time in Yuma. Southwest and Yuma-specific merch abounds at our boutiques and at the Visitor Information Center’s Yuman Interest gift shop. Other storefronts focus on local and items for purchase that are delicious to eat and drink, clothing that is not only fashionable but fits Yuma’s sunny days and warm nights, or make great gifts for a special someone in your life, whether friend, family or yourself!

Walking along Main Street, watch for little shops around the corners on side streets, and don’t miss “the 224s,” a collection of boutiques and services in petite storefronts on an adorable alleyway. Likewise, be sure to head over to Madison Avenue. “Pottery Row” is off-Madison at 2nd Street and the alley between the Jack Mellon Mercantile and Dream a Dream Gift Shop winds back to reveal several charming retailers tucked away. When you make it all the way back to The Garden Café, if you’ve shopped til you’re ready to drop, reward yourself with lunch or at the very least, a slice of their delectable cake.


Yuma's always been diverse community - and that diversity is reflected in our dining and nightlife options. Whether you're an "adventure eater" who craves authentic street food or an aspiring gourmet, you won't go hungry.

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