There’s more in store in Yuma! For a city of our size, Yuma has more variety than visitors might expect, in terms of both “big name chain” retailers as well as mom-and-pop shops and hometown boutiques. Many shoppers come to Yuma from across the border to find different fashion or items they might not have closer to home in Mexico, and since Yuma also serves most of our corner of southwest Arizona, Yuma’s “draw” means we all win, in getting to have the largest selection and range of shops and items to choose from, for miles around.

A high concentration of shopping is around The Yuma Palms Mall, but downtown, the Big Curve, the Foothills, and other areas around Yuma offer unique specialty shops as well as retailers with everything you need. There is ample and free parking wherever you’re shopping in Yuma, and getting around town is easy, so grab your wallet and head out for some power shopping!

Farmers Markets

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Yuma Palms Mall

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