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Welcome to Sunny & Warm Yuma! Even locals and visitors from our region may not know that Yuma is the Sunniest Place on Earth, according to the Guinness World Records. That abundant sunshine and the warm hospitality you’ll receive at Yuma’s attractions and businesses can make our lush green spot in the desert seem like an exotic mirage—but it’s all authentically Yuma!

Yuma is known for its rich culture and heritage, rooted in centuries of history. These days, bright, new flavors, colors and voices are popping up around town with new takes on Mexican food and a vibrant community of artists in what’s becoming known as a regional center for the arts. There’s also a new generation of business owners taking Yuma to the next level with creative coffee and green drink shops, adorable boutiques and ones focusing on health and wellness. Popular outdoor endeavors keep growing, like calming yoga studios, a bike shop that modifies lowriders, a new paddleboard and kayak service, and a variety of new entities moving into the historic downtown. 

Reflecting our border location, Yuma County is nearly 60 percent Hispanic. For most of the year, Yuma has a population of almost 100,000, but in the winter, the population nearly doubles as sun-seeking snowbirds arrive to enjoy our sunny and warm weather. The temperatures stay around the 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter, with summer months averaging about 107 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, some days can reach as high as 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be a thrill to experience for sun-seekers from around the globe!

Come to Yuma  It’s easy to reach Yuma from around the southwest region. Many Yuma visitors arrive by car or RV: Interstate 8 runs east and west, and U.S. Highway 95 goes north to Interstate 10 and south to the Mexican border.
Yuma International is taking off for jet-setting Yumans and visitors. At Yuma International Airport, American Airlines offers multiple connecting flights daily. There is a shuttle that runs to/from Phoenix airports as well as limousine service. Plus, there are taxis, rental cars, intercity buses, Amtrak passenger rail services. There is no charge for parking (except at the Yuma International Airport, at $2 per hour), and traffic is usually what most people from other places would consider light!

Time Shift  Please note it’s an hour earlier on the other side of the Colorado River during the winter. California is in the Pacific time zone, while Arizona sticks with Mountain Standard Time all year. The neighboring Mexican town of Los Algodones is also on Pacific Time, which can be important to keep in mind when crossing the border. Not to confuse you, but San Luis Rio Colorado (the San Luis city on the Mexican side of the border) follows Mountain Standard Time.

Packing  Don’t forget your sunglasses! Also, remember to pack a water bottle and hydrate: it’s the driest and least humid city in the U.S. While you’ll see longtime residents in wool jackets and scarves on winter days, snowbirds on the other hand, bring mostly shorts and tank tops. You can decide where your thermostat falls—layering is never a bad idea, with less clothing in the warmth of the day, with a jacket or coverup for early morning or evening. During the summer, you’ll still see longtime residents in long sleeves and pants…that’s to combat the sun’s rays. Take care during hot weather to protect your skin and cover your head to ward off too much exposure to the sun.

Your first stop  The Visitor Information Center (VIC) is located in the heart of downtown Yuma. Talk to our friendly, knowledgeable Visitor Information Center staff to plan your most awesome time in Yuma. Stop in for maps, brochures and everything you need to make your stay “so extra.” Let our staff be your local experts to put you on your path to adventure. Browse the Yuman Interest gift shop, enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi, and use the Visit Yuma App’s large-screen kiosk to map your itineraries and save them to your mobile device. There are also plenty of clean restrooms.

Come see us at 264 S. Main Street, 928.783.0071 or 800.293.0071, The Visitor Information Center (VIC) is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. There is plenty of free parking on Main Street or in the large lot behind the VIC. There’s also easy access from I-8 at the Giss Parkway exit, then go south to Main Street.

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