Local Farm Tours

Several area date growers offer tours to the public. Not many people know how to grow a date or even its history in the U.S. Did you know that the Yuma and Bard area helped save the Middle East’s Medjool date palms? When disease broke out in Morocco in 1927, palm shoots were brought to the Southwest and cultivated. Some years later, new trees grown here were repatriated to Morocco to help them replenish their date groves. Now local date growers are among the top producers worldwide, even exporting our dates to the Middle East. Each year, up to 15 million pounds of premium Yuma dates are grown, harvested, and then shipped around the world. More date info and recipes can be found at NaturalDelights.com. Dates and date products may be purchased at these local establishments:

--Brocket Farms homegrown dates, eggs, local honey, specialty gifts, and more. 102 E. Third St., 928.257.1440

--Imperial Date Gardens gift packs, nuts, candies, and date shakes, call about free tours at 10:30 a.m. Wednesdays or by advance arrangements. 1517 York Road., Bard, Calif., ImperialDateGardens.com, 800.301.9349

--Martha’s Gardens Date Farm Dates, local honey, sandwiches, soup, date shakes and ice cream, pleasant landscaped patio for a bite, call about farm tours aboard a tram, $10 per person, call for reservations. 9747 Avenue 9 ¾ E, MarthasGardens.com, 928.726.8831

--Naked Dates Organic Medjools, date shakes, handmade soaps, date beer, and fresh eggs, call about walking tours. $10 per person, call in advance. 13589 S. Avenue 25E, Wellton, HealthyNakedDates.com, 888.374.2037

--Peanut Patch Date shakes homemade fudge, nuts, dried fruits, candy, and gifts, plus free kitchen tours November through March on selected days, call for info. 4322 E County 13 St., ThePeanutPatch.com, 928.726.6292

Group Dining

Whether your group is ten family members, your sports team, or a larger gathering, Yuma offers many locations for group dining. Several restaurants have private dining rooms or separate spaces for groups to eat together. Designated restaurants can support up to a busload (about 50 people or so) for...

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