Castle Dome

The Castle Dome Mine Museum offers an authentic look back in time with the preservation and restoration of Castle Dome City. Sitting on a patented mine since 1871, Castle Dome is the longest worked mining district in Arizona. Walking through this ghost town that has over 50 weather-beaten buildings, will make you feel as if you are a part of history. The museum houses artifacts dug up from over 300 mines within the Castle Dome District and each tells a story about the mine’s history.

While in Castle Dome City, reserve a spot for a tour of the magnificent Arizona Fluorescent Mineral Wall at the Hull Mine. On this unique tour, you will see underground, natural fluorescent and phosphorescent mineral walls. Your senses will be overwhelmed by the bright colors and patterns, making this an unforgettable experience. The tour goes on to explore different parts of the mine, the desperado hideout, a blacksmith shop, and much more.

Spending a day or weekend and exploring this original piece of history is well worth the time. The Castle Dome Mine Museum is a must-see while in Yuma.

Cities & Towns

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