Pet Friendly

There are quite a few very well-traveled pets out there.  It’s more popular than ever for four-legged friends to join their humans on vacation, and Yuma is a great destination for people with pets. Many of Yuma’s restaurants, shops or areas of town welcome pets on a leash. Yuma’s wide-open spaces, city parks, and vast East and West Wetlands give people places to walk or jog while also giving dogs great places to exercise their sniffers on all these new scents. Likewise, outdoor adventures in the desert or on the Colorado River can be a perfect fit for people to enjoy time with their pets. 

Many of Yuma’s accommodations welcome pets, from motels with exterior entrances straight into the visitor’s room, to multi-story hotels where Fido can take the elevator to his room, or RV parks where your pet can catch up with pets from all over the country. You’ll find more information below, in the listings of Visit Yuma’s member accommodations, and you can also check with the facility about nightly fees, cleaning fees or any other policies regarding pets. 

While enjoying all that Yuma has to offer with your furry friend, please keep your animal on-leash and don’t leave your animal alone in a car or a room that doesn’t have the A/C on during warmer temperatures.  While you’re out and about with your pet, be sure to not only take water for yourself but also water and a bowl for your pet.  There’s nothing like getting to share new adventures and explorations with your family pet. Enjoy these fine lodging options while you and your pet stay in Yuma.

Parks And Gardens

With many ways to rest, contemplate nature, learn, recreate or exercise, Yuma’s parks and gardens are each a mini oasis in their own right. As green and flowering as Yuma is, it might be easy to forget it’s situated in the Sonoran Desert. It’s only because of the ample water...

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