Some of Yuma’s Mexican restaurants are now run by the second or third generation of the same family whose abuela or tio (grandmother or uncle) started the restaurant with made-from-scratch recipes, but there are now also choices that mix up fusion flavors or fun new themes. Whether traditional, hearty plates of enchiladas and beans fill your cravings or you’re in the mood for street tacos, you can find your best option below. Seafood may not be your first thought when you’re considering where to eat in Yuma, in the desert, but we’re just a couple hours from El Golfo, the Gulf of California. Yuma restaurants get in shipments of large, fresh El Golfo shrimp, squid, manta ray, and fish. Baja tacos with breaded fish or shrimp and the best ceviche you’ll ever taste in your life are available at many of Yuma’s Mexican restaurants. They also have a dizzying array of specialty margaritas and Micheladas, tequilas and mezcals, or on the tamer side, house-made horchata or agua frescas. And don’t count them out for breakfast! The Mexican restaurants that are open for breakfast will make you cry for fresh tortillas and beans once you’re back home!

** Some restaurants and bars may require you to wear a mask. Some are offering takeout or delivery only. Check with the restaurant or bar to verify what their operations are, and enjoy your food and drink safely.

Things To Do

It’s been designated the World’s Sunniest City by Guinness World Records! Use those sunny days for outdoor adventures in all the wide-open space around Yuma. The Colorado River and lakes make for fun tubing, canoeing and boating. Imperial Sand Dunes, the Sonoran desert, and three...

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