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Visit Yuma's Sunshine Award 

Recognizing our community's frontline workforce 

To live is to experience, and it's those experiences that drive us to step out of our comfort zones and try new things. A location's reputation for having an amazing product may drive someone to visit, but it's the experience while they're there that will bring them back and more importantly prompt them to recommend their experience to someone else. Visit Yuma's mission is to share the beauty of the Desert Southwest with the world and although our community has plenty of attractions, it's the people that make the trip worth taking. 

The Visit Yuma Sunshine Award recognizes those individuals who go out of their way to make a patron's visit a memorable one. As a community, we'd like to thank those men and women who aspire to provide quality service, no matter what.

In partnership with the Yuma Sun, this program will recognize nominees every month. Those monthly entries recognized by the Yuma Sun will comprise the pool of candidates for the annual award provided by Visit Yuma. Each year during Visit Yuma's Annual Membership Meeting the winner or winners will be recognized and awarded with a prize and an honorary pin. Those chosen will also be recognized as Tourism Ambassadors promoting quality service and community empowerment.

Visit Yuma Sunshine Award nominees can be nominated by a direct supervisor, guest, or member of the community.  

Ricardo Macias - Sunshine Award Recipient  

Ricardo Macias is known for his charismatic personality and his attentive nature. Ricardo says "I make it my mission to make our guest's day, better". 

Jake Joanicut

Jake Joanicut works at Prison Hill Brewing Company and is well known for his sunny disposition. Jake is adored by his peers and his customers absolutely love him. 


Priscilla Torres - Sunshine Award Recipient

Priscilla Torres is cherished by her patients and is known for her compassionate nature. Those who know her love that she's always willing to go above and beyond. 


Jackie Ruelas - Sunshine Award Recipient

Jackie Ruelas is a local insurance broker known for her ability to work well under pressure and leave her customers beyond satisfied. Her attitude is loved by her customers and her team. 







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