welcometoyuma.png On the Colorado River in the southwest corner of Arizona,
Yuma's been at the crossroads for centuries.

Yuma's geography shaped the Southwest. Because this was the safest spot to cross the Colorado River, all roads led to Yuma for travelers from Spanish explorers to Okies fleeing the Dust Bowl.

Today Yuma is a vibrant multicultural community that celebrates its rich heritage, surrounded by wide-open spaces and pristine desert scenery - all with a river running through it.


With more sunshine than any other city on earth, Yuma is a natural for all kinds of outdoor activities, from boating to golf to off-roading. Plan a visit around one of our great festivals or take a day trip south of the border. And when the sun goes down, you'll still find plenty to do, including gaming at three great casinos.

With so much to do, you'll want to stick around - and we've got accommodations for every budget, from more than 23,000 RV spots to nearly 4,000 hotel rooms.

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