Ultimate (off)road trip

The nation’s longest off-road trail is taking shape across western Arizona, thanks to the efforts of local OHV clubs, and local, state, and federal agencies. The 750-mile Arizona Peace Trail is a loop that runs from Yuma north along the Colorado River to Bullhead City and Kingman, then south through the desert east of the Kofas to Dateland, then west back to Yuma. Because it’s a loop, you can start anywhere, or do it in sections over time.

Utilizing existing trails and roads, the Peace Trail loop encompasses dramatic terrain variations, elevations from 170 to 7,070 feet, scenic landscapes, gritty history, and an amazing variety of plants and wildlife. Information, maps and GPS coordinates are available at, printed maps are also available at the Visitor Information Center, 201 N. 4th Ave. Click here to link to an interactive map with topo tracks for various segments of the trail.

The Peace Trail is still a work in progress, but the volunteer committee is working hard to expand this resource by developing camping and staging areas to support longer trips.


Rocks of ages

mary valley of the names

Want to make your mark in the world? Join thousands who’ve done just that by arranging rocks to spell out names or fanciful designs in the Valley of the Names northwest of Yuma. Since World War II G.I.s who trained in the area started decorating what they called Graffiti Mesa, this unique attraction has now spread across nearly 1,200 acres of public land.

You’ll need a four-wheel drive vehicle to get there - GPS @ 32.8732685,-114.6844447, take Picacho Road from Winterhaven and bear left at the fork (Barney Oldfield Road). Please note that desert etiquette demands you bring your own rocks rather than snitching from existing “signatures.”

Paving the road to immortality has never been this easy.



Looking for more adventure in the wide open spaces? In the Desert is a fun, noncommercial website with all kinds of interesting resources.  The site's Desert Day Trips page features lots of nearby expeditions in both Arizona and California, and you can download the GPX topo tracks from the website and then load them into CalTopo or Google Earth maps.

Like what you see? Let Don and Linda at In the Desert know you appreciate their efforts.

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