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Statement on the investigation of a misappropriation of funds

From the desk of Linda Morgan, Executive Director
For Immediate Release - July 27, 2016

Statement on the investigation of a misappropriation of funds.

On June 7, 2016, Yuma Visitors Bureau (YVB) contacted Yuma Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to report a misappropriation of YVB funds, with evidence that the activity was performed by an employee of YVB. For reasons unrelated, the employee in question had already been terminated from YVB. Yuma Visitors Bureau is fully cooperating with law enforcement to investigate this matter.

YVB staff and its board of directors are deeply disappointed with these findings; however, the entire organization remains committed to excellence. YVB will continue to promote Yuma as a premier destination by spreading the word of its wonderful diversity and rich history.

YVB has no further comment.


The Yuma Visitors Bureau is always happy to assist members of print, digital and broadcast media, either on assignment or pitching an idea with a Yuma angle.

Visit Yuma team can suggest itineraries and facilitate visits, or provide you with the inspired details to help nail down an assignment.  We pride ourselves on always going "above and beyond."

You can download background and "anytime" materials below; dated press releases appear "most recent first" at left. Call or email us for photos and B-roll video.

YVB periodically hosts group and individual press trips, and is glad to partner with other Arizona or California DMOs to coordinate a visit to several regions.

For more information, contact Linda Morgan at 928-376-0100 (office), email Thanks for your interest in the Yuma area.

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