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5:00 PM
to 7:00 PM
Tantalizing Tastings

Catherine's Cupcakery invites you to a Tantalizing Tastings Event.  The first Wednesday of each month valued customers are offered the opportunity to pop into Catherine's Cupcakery and sample upcoming feature flavors.
This month's feature flavors mark the continuation of the fall line of tantalizing flavors:  the Pumpkin Cupcake (a fall staple), the Vanilla Latte Cupcake, the Chocolate Chip Cupcake, and a special treat for the young at heart, the Halloween Celebration Cupcake. 
Come out and give these newest featured flavors a taste and cast your vote for a favorite!

There is absolutely no cost to attend and everyone who attends will be entered into a drawing for a free four pack of cupcakes!  So come and bring your friends!

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