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Desert Horse Adventures

Location: Yuma
Business: 208-290-7423
1219 E. County 14th St
Yuma, AZ 85365
$85 per hour of riding time per person; $15 lesson available if necessary
7 days a week by appointment; private groups; leisure rides
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Enjoy a local ride to the river or other. First visit our ranch, fit your helmet and stirrups, then try out your mount. Instruction is available if needed. Then you take your vehicle while we take the horses to our destination. Riding time starts soon after our arrival and is an hour. Our leisure rides are designed for you to steer and stop your horse as we are not on designated trails, and they are not follow along type horses. After your hour, you are free to head to lunch or town and we will return the horses to the ranch. A 50% deposit is required to hold your space. Please review our website before calling; leave a message if we can't answer so we know your not trying to sell us something.


 In Yuma we don’t have private forests or mountains full of trails as many trail rides offer, but we’ve found a lot of fun destination rides in our Wetlands parks, next to the Mexican border, along the Colorado River and in the desert. We currently have several saddles all the same size, 15”, which should fit riders under 160 pounds. Please wear comfortable pants, and only closed toe shoes or boots are permitted; no sandals. Maximum weight 220 lbs.

 Our horses are north Idaho mountain horses. These horses are used to climbing, crossing rivers and bridges, and are not barn sour, i.e. they’re not wanting to run back to the barn. These are not horses that have been following the tail of other horses for years and years.

 Before heading to the trail, each rider will be fitted for a helmet and stirrup length. Then each rider will have a chance to poke around on the horse to be sure they feel comfortable. If you need more than 15 minutes to fit your helmet, stirrups and try out your horse, we will help with a $15 lesson. 

Daily ride departure times are flexible; your group will make up the ride. We offer trail rides seven days a week based on our availability so that we don’t conflict with any birthday parties. Don’t forget your camera! Be sure you have a charged battery and lots of room for pictures and videos. We do ask that you not use your cell phone for conversation or texting on the ride...and please, refrain from smoking.

 Our ride program including horse transportation is approximately three hours for $85. After an introduction ride we will trailer to your chosen ride destination.  We’ll finish our ride at the trailer where you can leave us. We will take care of getting the horses home, untacked and cleaned up. Of course, you’re welcome to help!  A non-refundable 50% deposit for your space on the ride is due when you make your reservation; the balance is due prior to mounting your horse on the day of the ride. Extra instruction is $15.

 LOCAL RIDES:  We can ride right from the ranch.  Sometimes we find a herd of sheep, standing water to ride through, wonderful shadows with the sun's help, butterflies migrating, and delicious smelling fruit blossoming.  A minimum ride is a half hour ($35).

 DESTINATION RIDES:  All hour rides ($85) take about 2 1/2-3 hours to complete to include saddle and helmet fitting, horse transportation to the trail and the ride. Some ride options are listed in alphabetical order.

California  Border Ride - We'll enter California and head south toward Algodones to park. Our ride southbound will have the Colorado River on our left. We will ride right up to the border fence. $30/group trailering fee

 Celery Ride - Named for the fields of celery that we passed when we found this ride. It's located west of West Wetlands. 

 Colorado River - Ride your horse through the Colorado River. Be prepared to get wet!  Warm weather and warm water makes this ride more fun. 

 East Wetlands - Ride under the historic Oceans to Oceans bridge then continue along the Colorado River where the revitilization plan has replanted much of the vegetation. Very scenic! 

 Moonlight Rides - When the moon is full enough and high enough, we'll take you into the desert for some moonshadow riding. Trailering optional

 Morelos Dam - Enjoy a great view of the end of the U.S. portion of the Colorado River. Ride among tall vegetation. $20 trailering fee

 Pet Cemetery  - Pass through the pet cemetery on your ride to the Mexican border fence. $30 trailering fee

 Picacho State Park - Ride through the fabulous gorges. The drive can take an hour or more one way. $80 trailering fee (subject to change) Experienced riders only.

 Shit Creek - This trail is lined with brush that leads to the confluence of the Colorado and Gila Rivers. A portion of the ride is in the Gila River, but you won't get wet. Most popular!

 Skeleton Ride - Ride in Somerton along an irrigation ditch, through sand hills and citrus trees. We once found a horse skeleton on this ride. 

 West Wetlands - Ride over the fancy Bridge to Nowhere, along the Colorado River and enjoy the revitilization planting efforts. Sometimes it's warm enough to play in the sprinklers. 
 Let us know if there's somewhere else you'd like to go. We can check it out and price it for you. We have more rides when you've gone on all of the above!

East Wetlands
Colorado River
Colorado River

Colorado River

You're gonna get wet!


Deposit is non-refundable; your ride may be rescheduled for an additional $20 fee.



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