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Yuma's Top Dogs
Published on Jul 14, 2016

July is National Hot Dog Month. Find out who is serving up the best dogs in Yuma!

According to the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council, Americans will consume in upwards of 7 billion hot dogs between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays!

Contributing to that statistic are the patrons of an eclectic array of Yuma area food joints serving up the best and, as you'll see, some of the most unique dogs found throughout this hot dog eating nation.

So, hold onto your buns as we have a look at where you'll find Yuma's top dogs ...

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Dog Haus – New to Yuma in 2015, this Southern California-based dog spot touts their product as "The Absolute Würst." From the spicy Sooo Cali to the Scott Baioli with bacon, the Dog Haus menu features the most delicious assortment of ingredients you can fit between a bun ... of which, by the way, are made up of three, grilled Hawaiian rolls. Order straight from the menu or build your own at the Dog Haus in Yuma (1651 S. 4th Avenue).


Photo by Jamie H. on Yelp

Burgers & Beer – Burgers are in the name, but hot and tasty dogs are also their game! It does not matter if you're craving just an ordinary hot dog, a classic chili dog, or their rendition of the famous Mexicali dog, Burgers & Beer delivers with seven hand-crafted creations to choose from. (321 W. 20th Street).


Photo from Crouse's Flat Top Grill Facebook Page

Crouse's Flat Top Grill – Split down the middle and loaded with toppings, one word describes the line up of gourmet hot dogs at Crouse's: delicioso. The Old Faithful comes with the traditional serving of relish, diced onion, and mayo, while the Gringo Dog goes all out with a layer of chorizo, sour cream, fresh guacamole and salsa (seen above).  Find 'em at 2855 S. 4th Avenue.


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Lutes Casino – Not at all dogs are created equal, and Lutes Casino proves it with their Lutes Especial! A signature menu item since 1951, the Especial marries hot dog and cheeseburger, providing diners with a flavor that delights the taste buds in as fun and wacky a way as Lutes Casino itself (221 Main Street).

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