There’s never been a better time for random acts of kindness than now. Today, February 17, is Random Acts of Kindness Day! We invite you to do something nice and use #YumanKindness to share your random acts of kindness; you will have a chance to be featured in our social media stories. If you are unsure what to do to show some #YumanKindness, here are four random acts of kindness that can make someone’s day.


Thank Local Healthcare Workers

It is no surprise that our healthcare workers have been working tirelessly to help our community during these difficult times, and today is meant to show our appreciation for their efforts. The City of Yuma has been facilitating random acts of kindness by allowing anyone to send a note of encouragement to Yuma Regional Medical Center healthcare staff (found on their webpage here). You can also Adopt-A-Nurse and donate towards meals, coffees, and other tokens of appreciation for the healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic.


Share Your Favorite Small Businesses on Social Media

Supporting local businesses by sharing their accounts on social media is an effortless act of kindness. Sharing their post, liking their pictures, or suggesting others to follow will help bring awareness to local business owners and entrepreneurs hoping to grow their businesses. Go to our Instagram or Facebook stories and take a screenshot of the “Favorite Small Businesses” template to share your top three favorites on your social media.


Donate Cans to Yuma Community Food Bank

Do you have excess vegetables, soup, or other canned food in your cupboards? Today is a perfect day to show some #YumanKindness and donate your extra cans of food to the Yuma Community Food Bank. If you want to gift your time, volunteer at the food bank; check out their page for more information.


Return Your Shopping Cart

An easy way to show some #YumanKindness today is to save a little time for someone by returning your cart to its original location, like at the different stores at the Yuma Palms Mall, or your nearest grocery store. These hardworking employees have been essential to keeping us stocked up during these times, and taking an extra minute and returning your cart is a meaningful way to show your appreciation.

Random Acts of Kindness Day positively impacts the Yuma community and helps continue to support one and another during these uncertain times. Do one of our suggestions or get creative with how you show kindness today. Whatever you do, tag @VisitYuma and use #YumanKindness for a chance to be featured in our Instagram and Facebook stories.