With a title like The Winter Lettuce Capital of the World, it is no surprise agriculture is in Yuma’s DNA. Yuma grows an extraordinary amount of crops year-round. Every spring, producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and others across the country join together in recognition — and appreciation — of agriculture in our country. National Ag Day recognizes and celebrates the abundance provided by American agriculture. Visit Yuma recognizes the impact the ag industry has on our community and thus has created experiences advocating for agriculture and tourism - agritourism. Experience one of the many tours, dinners, or events to learn more about the agriculture industry.


Field-to-Feast Tour & Lunch

There is no better way to get a hands-on agricultural experience than to harvest the produce yourself, preceding a delectable farm-to-table lunch experience. Field to Feast is a half-day tour led by a local grower where you will get first-hand, low-down on topics ranging from food safety, current tech trends, labor, and water, among others. We thank our partners — the University of Arizona, Yuma Ag Center, the farmers, and AWC Land Lab — for supporting this agritour. Stay tuned here for future tour dates.


Ag to Art Market: Feeding the Body & Soul

Visit Yuma created a once-monthly market that brings together the best of agriculture and art. Farmers and local producers bring in their fresh bread, local honey, fresh eggs, melons, Medjool dates, citrus, and vegetables from right around Yuma. The art and artists are all “locally sourced” as well, including visual arts, soaps, jewelry, and natural products which come from this area. We thank our partners — Yuma Safe Produce Council and Keithly Williams — and our sponsors, Yuma International Airport, APS, and YRMC for supporting this ag-based market. Check here for market dates and information.


Date Night Dinner

Nothing screams ag like a date night in a date palm grove. For those who love a true feast, Visit Yuma’s, Date Night is just the experience for you and your significant other, friends, or family. This unique dining experience highlights locally grown Medjool dates, and is set in a lush date grove under the stars — this dinner was named as one of Fodor’s Most Unique Dining Experiences in the World in 2015. We thank our partners — Imperial Date Gardens, Bard Valley Date Growers Association, and Date Pac and Executive Chef Alex Trujillo — for supporting this unique dining experience. To learn more about this event and to stay tuned for future dates, click here.


Sunset on the Ranch

A true farm-to-table experience, Sunset on the Ranch introduces visitors to what life on the ranch or farm is like. Featuring a local farm family, this unique dinner is a complete ag-filled evening with a tractor-pulled wagon ride, a farm-style, gourmet dinner on a Yuma farmland, and a campfire with family stories. Experiences like this dinner are Visit Yuma’s way of showcasing the local ag community. Thank you to our partners, the University of Arizona Ag Center and Executive Chef Alex Trujillo.


Martha’s Gardens Tour

Tour a date grove at Martha’s Gardens. Farm tours give guests a first-hand and in-depth look at what it takes to grow and harvest the Medjool Date. Guests will not only receive an education on date farming, but a much deeper appreciation for the dedication and hard work it takes to get the dates from the farm to each customer's kitchen tables. For more information on touring Martha’s Garden, click here.


New Year’s Iceberg Drop

Hailed as one of the “Top 10 Odd Drops in the U.S.” by USA Today, the Iceberg Drop brings together Yuma’s love for agriculture with an illuminated giant head of lettuce and a fun block party downtown. Join us on New Year’s Eve as we plan for another celebration with a drop at 10 p.m. (to sync with the New York City ball drop) and at midnight. Live music, games, food, and party favors center around the lowering of the fabricated head of iceberg lettuce. Visitors typically come from all over the country to enjoy one of the more unusual New Year’s Eve drops. We thank our sponsors — Duda Farms, Pasquinelli Produce, 1st Bank Yuma, RDO Equipment, Yuma International Airport, Regional Center for Border Health, Barkley Company, Lee Farms, and JV Farms — for supporting this nationally recognized ag event.


Be sure to plan ahead to experience one of the many tours, dinners, or events in Yuma to learn more about the agriculture industry and take today to thank and appreciate those that help put the food on your table.