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Jazz Nights at Julieanna's Fall Preview
Published on Sep 26, 2016

The ever-popular Jazz Nights at Julieanna's Patio Cafe is back with a splendid mix of great tasting food and smooth jazz sounds in an incredible outdoor setting. Steven Hennig of Yuma Jazz provides a preview of what to expect this season ...

What does jazz mean to you? It can mean a number of things, depending on who is asked. It could be Latin jazz, swing, bebop, smooth jazz. To dancers, it tends to mean anything that is not ballet.

The truth? Jazz is not any particular style, but rather a process of making music. It is improvisation, action and reaction. It is the subtle interplay of musical ideas from musician to musician, to audience and back. Created upon the canvas of a selected tune, it is ART —  a spontaneous, fresh creation fanned by the mood of the evening, the group, the crowd, the venue.

According to the Urban Dictionary, jazz is “The only truth left in music.”

Well Said. And, truth be told, here is what you can expect live jazz to mean at “Jazz Nights at Julieanna’s”: A cool ‘sound cocktail’ to leisurely savor with dinner.

Jazz Nights at Julieanna’s, in turn, means live jazz will be happening 7 to 9 EVERY Friday evening, October through April, right here in Yuma, at the uniquely local and charming Julieanna’s Patio Cafe, 1951 W 25th Street, 317-1961. The patio has proven to be an ideal setting for intimate live music. It’s a combination of factors —  the upscale/casual atmosphere, twinkling lights, bold colors, splendid cuisine and gracious service — that combine to help create an all-around blissful experience.

And the MUSIC! The schedule of live events is populated by four unique performing — the locally popular and widely lauded Yuma Jazz Company Quintet, Phoenix’s vocalist and jazz guitar virtuoso Pete Pancrazi, the talented instrumental/vocal duo Jason & Elle, and the intimate, emotive YJC Trio. Get the complete schedule and learn more about the performers at

And plan on experiencing Jazz Nights at Julieanna’s! Call ahead for a table near the music. Bring friends! And, of course, bring out of town visitors — this is the perfect way to show off Yuma’s “cosmopolitan" side!

Blog article by Steven Hennig of Yuma Jazz Company.


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