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10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Yuma, Arizona
Published on Jan 4, 2017 and Visit Yuma partnered up to reveal some unique activities to do near Yuma.

Craving some sunshine? Yuma has you covered. Even in the height of winter, you’ll find solace in Yuma, where the temperatures stay toasty and the sun shines strong. At, we were drawn to this Arizona city’s year-round appeal, so we uncovered some epic things you likely didn’t know you could do around town, no matter the season. Between fascinating history lessons and awesome wildlife experiences, Yuma offers a little something for the whole family to enjoy.


Roam the Petroglyphs
Get a glimpse into the past with a visit to the region’s famous petroglyphs. Yuma has two nearby areas that show ancient stories, pictures and messages carved and pecked into rocks. Antelope Hill, which is made of sandstone, features religious and artistic images carved by tribes, while Painted Rock showcases around 800 images on basalt boulders.


Hike around Betty’s Kitchen National Recreation Trail
Don’t show up to Betty’s Kitchen expecting a meal, but feel free to pack your own! This park along the Lower Colorado River has picnic areas and an interpretative trail, where you can view local flora and fauna. Explore the wildlife, cast a fishing line off the pier and see if you can spot some native palo verde or a desert cottontail along the way.


Board a train at Pivot Point Interpretive Plaza 
Make your way to this outdoor museum to discover the history behind the first railroad train that arrived in Arizona in 1877. Here you’ll find a 1907 Baldwin locomotive inviting you to climb aboard, while you learn what made the Yuma Crossing National Historic Landmark so prominent back in the day. Don’t miss the exhibits and photographs that show off other elements of the city’s history too.


Get to know Castle Dome City
Venture to this eerie ghost town and see its Wild West roots. An abandoned mining town, it is home to long-forgotten saloons, a vacant post office, empty mills, and even a mercantile. The area has around 300 mines, and when you head to the museum, you can view fascinating artifacts found underground, from tools and notes to clothing and dynamite spoons.


Explore the Sanguinetti House Museum and Gardens
Wander around the 19th-century adobe home of E.F. Sanguinetti, known as the Merchant Prince of Yuma. This house museum tells the story of the young man who came to town with nothing and later became a successful merchant, greatly contributing to the Yuma community. You’ll also come across Historic Yuma Trolley and Walking Tours that further reveal the region’s rich history.


Get in touch with your artistic side at the Yuma Art Center and Historic Yuma Theatre
Whether your idea of a good time involves becoming enthralled in a stage performance or creating a masterpiece in a pottery studio, the Yuma Art Center and Historic Yuma Theatre is the place for you. Featuring art galleries, theater productions, workshops, film screenings and more, this center is a one-stop shop for all things artistic and creative. What’s more, it’s one of the nation’s few original silver screen theaters that still operates today.


Shop at Arizona Marketplace
Looking for vintage treasures or locally sourced produce? You’ll come across all that and more at the Arizona Marketplace. Spread out across 32 acres, this massive market showcases all kinds of goodies, from homemade trinkets and yard art to local fare and silk plants. Spend an afternoon browsing the countless vendors and don’t miss the live music and dance performances.


Pet the animals at Camel Farm
Get your cuteness fix at the Camel Farm, where you can pet and feed furry friends. The farm has one-humped camels, along with sheep, goats and some unlikely animals, too. Take a peek at the zebra, and don’t miss the giant tortoises, emus and water buffalos. You’ll get to know the critters as they eagerly chow down on your cup of feed.


Eat some dates at Martha’s Gardens 
Yuma has a major agricultural presence and is unique in that it can grow fruits and veggies through the winter months. Make your way over to Martha’s Gardens to see its cream of the crop: Medjool dates. The farm offers tours, showing you how the dates are grown and harvested, and a shop where you can stock up on the dried fruit.


Stand at the Official Center of the World 
Though technically located in California, this nearby attraction is certainly worth a visit. Here you’ll discover the Official Center of the World, which is a dot engraved into the middle of a plaque within a pyramid in the desert oasis. While exploring, check out the Museum of History in Granite, the only one of its kind. The massive red granite panels tell stories of the nation’s past, including the history of Arizona, California and even the French Foreign Legion.

By Chloe Mulliner


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