Pump up your tires

Yuma’s multi-use trail system is great for easy cruising on a bike, and if you didn't pack one in your luggage, you can rent bikes by the hour or day (24-hour period) at the Yuma Visitor Information Center located at Colorado River State Historic Park

But for hard-core mountain bikers, there are some hair-raising single and double-track trails in the nearby hills, including a network in the Sugarloaf area (off Avenue 7E/Laguna Dam Road three to four miles north of Highway 95). Maintained by local volunteers, these trails are unmarked, and even the easy ones have gnarly sections.

Looking to ride with company? Foothills Bike Club organizes group road rides, more frequently in the cooler months.

*This post at a mountain biking forum has some great photos and gritty commentary:

“A surreal landscape that leaves you at times wondering what it would be like to ride on the moon. There’s no question these trails were built by MTBers. Retaining a rough & rustic edge about them, they’re a welcome change to sanitized trails that see tens of thousands of users each year.

"Suffice to say, most will never consider Yuma as MTB destination. But it’s hard to argue against two trail networks, totaling 50+ miles of dedicated singletrack, which can keep one occupied for two to three days. The Sugarloaf trail system has been in place for well over a decade and will still be quietly there at the end of the next decade while other trail systems go extinct. "

Photo © Sean McNew, used with permission.

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