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More than half of 18-65 year olds booked their holidays based on Instagram posts, new research has found. Source:  daily digest 04/29/19. ...Is your business in prime position with Instagrammable photo op's? Instagram is a chief means of VisitYuma reaching our target audiences.

Mark your calendar for the 2019 Annual Meeting for all members of Visit Yuma

  • 7:00 am. - 9:00 a.m. June 19th 
  • The Palms RV Resort
  • $30 per ticket, with a fine breakfast buffet by Executive Chef Alex Trujillo
  • Sponsor a table of eight for $300
  • Get tickets here

Around the world in...Yuma?

Expedia's logo is a globe with an airplane circling it. One way to learn about the world is through travel, but another way is to ask Expedia to share information about their customers, their lodging and travel partners, and the destinations they serve. The data Expedia gathers is vast and deep, and our members have a unique opportunity to learn more about our own destination by looking at customer patterns and choices, through Expedia's lens. This year's Annual Meeting for members features keynote speaker James Wollner, joining us from Expedia's Denver office.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Expedia's James Wollner is the Associate Market Manager for Arizona, Utah, and Southern California. He will cover the vast knowledge-base that they have about travelers, trends, and even our own destination, Yuma! Their data-based intelligence about their customers and their travel/hotel partners is rich -- Dive deep into the numbers and facts to get a better perspective of where your business sits within our local and regional market, as well as ideas of how you can take your business to the next level. There are always take-away steps that you can apply to your marketing and operations that make you that much more on-trend and on top!

MORE:  Visit Yuma's efforts to get the word out to the world about Yuma and our members. +This past year, Visit Yuma's focus on agriculture netted some great campaigns and events, with great impact for our members. + The achievements of the staff and board's hard work this year will be rolled into fun presentations. + The new board will be introduced for the first time to members. +  You'll want to be present for great raffle presents and giveaways as well!  

Board of Directors nominations 

Four seats are open for the Visit Yuma Board of Directors elections. The deadline to nominate someone is May 15th. Here's how:

As a member of Visit Yuma, you have the opportunity to make nominations* for individuals to stand for election as a Director of the Visit Yuma board. Nominations must be made by the close of business on Wednesday, May 15, 2019. At the beginning of June, we will send out a final ballot presenting all the nominees and will ask you to cast your vote for four persons. The four individuals with the most votes will be elected to the Board. The newly elected directors will be announced at the Visit Yuma Annual Meeting on June 19 at the Palms RV Resort and will take office effective July 1, 2019.

*To be eligible, the nominee (or his/her company) must be a dues-paying Visit Yuma member, or must become a member within 30 days of his/her election to the Board. Your nomination(s) must include the nominee's written consent to serve if elected. Nominations must be made in writing and delivered to Nominating Committee in care of the Visit Yuma administrative office at 180 W. 1st Street, Suite D, Yuma, Arizona 85364; or faxed to 928-376-0133; or emailed to on or before 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 15, 2019. If you have questions about the process, please contact a member of the Nominations Committee, Flora Llamas, Gel Lemmon, Louis Scott or Rick Rohrick. 


Turning visitors into city ambassadors
She didn't think she'd have put in nearly a decade on the Visit Yuma board when she started, but Lori Stofft, Vice President for Advancement at Arizona Western College, has become the current longest-serving board member of Visit Yuma. Visit Yuma is thankful for her service and leadership! Read our Q and A with Lori to learn more about what she has contributed, and where she sees tourism going in Yuma.

Q. Thoughts on leaving after 9 years on the board?

A.  It was great to be part of Visit Yuma, not only working with the board and staff but also working with the partners that really feel like tourism in the Yuma region is important.  That it is something to be proud of, that we have this beautiful spot on earth to come out and explore the outdoors and the attractions here.

Q. What is your vision for travel/tourism for Yuma in the next 5-10 years?

A. There is an amazing potential for tourism in Yuma.  It is no secret we are at a crossroads.  We get a lot of tourism for a variety of reasons.  River tourism, agritourism, we have people fascinated by the desert.  But Yuma is beginning to be known for a lot of other things.  We are a big player in the art scene, especially across the region.  We have a growing music, theater and dance scene.  I think another thing that locals forget is when visitors travel here for business, they take home their fantastic experience of being treated really well.  I think they turn into ambassadors.  The great energy with the City of Yuma and the other municipalities, we are beginning to see what tourism could be.  Tourism is so much more than the economy. Tourism adds to respect and advocacy at the state level and at the regional level.  As we develop, the river area we are nationally known.[Tourism] brings so much more than economic vitality, it brings a seat at the table in national conversations, and increased attention from state lawmakers and those things move other projects along.  

Q. Looking back at your time on the board is there a project that really stands out for you?

A. I love being part of the tour portfolio that the staff has continued to evolve over the years.  Field to Feast is partnered here with AWC students and that is close to my heart.  I love driving to the fields, harvesting stuff, learning about the ag, hearing about it first-hand from a farmer. You think you know, driving back and forth through the fields every day, but you don’t really know what all is involved in the production of our foods if you aren’t working in that industry.  

Member News
  • Can you beat that: Best Damn Burger is $3.99 with Club Card at Sidewinders, Quechan Casino. Ocotillo Grill is serving up a $5.95 Breakfast Buffet and a $12.95 Brunch Buffet, too.
  • Summer hours: The Patio's open hours changed to Mon.-Thurs 4-9 p.m., Fri. 4-10 pm, Sat. 10 a.m.- 10 p.m., and Sun. 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Bright and shiny: Kris Patel headed up Budgetel's recent remodel which is now finished.
  • Undersea odyssey: Paradise Casino updated their facility with all-new air filtering and venting systems. The Cove fine dining restaurant features a giant digitalized aquarium and The Reef's cafe has an all-new menu.
  • New names: Castle Dome Self Storage has officially changed its name to A Storage Place.
    Microtel Inn Foothills has officially changed its name to Best Western Plus Yuma Foothills Inn and Suites.
  • Going up: The new Four Points Hotel by I-8 and County 3E has broken ground, and Home2Suites on 1st Street near the downtown riverfront is going up fast!
  • Splash zone: Waylon's Water World opens for the season on May 4.

Travel Matters week, May 5-12

Celebrate by checking out Visit Yuma's Facebook page each day, to see the video of the day. Visit Yuma has interviewed hospitality and business leaders, as well as everyday citizens, to find out from them why they think Travel Matters in our community.

It's Sunbelievable!

Tag your best Yuma photos on Visit Yuma's Instagram page by May 10th to enter in our photo contest, in honor of Travel Matters week. The top photos win gift certificates to local businesses!

New for you

We welcome Visit Yuma's two new Marketing Specialists Jennifer McDonald and Karen Harris. They join Gillian Wilkins, who heads up Social and Electronic Media in the Marketing Department. "Jennifer and Karen both bring a wealth of experience and talent to Visit Yuma. Both have strong connections to Yuma but have recently returned. We are excited about the places we will go with Karen and Jennifer on our team," said Executive Director Linda Morgan. Jennifer will specialize in Creative Content and Communications, while Karen heads up Strategy and Content Creation. Advertising Sales Representative Mark Briones recently left Visit Yuma. "We're searching for our next team mate," said Linda. At present, for any advertising needs, please call Linda at 928-376-0100.

All over town

This summer, we're holding a staff meeting each month, out of the our members' establishments! Look for us around town!

All over the internet

HOT: With over 4000, downloads so far of the Visit Widget App, your listing is seen and added to visitors personalized itineraries that they create. Update your listing with better photos, more details, and any specials or discounts you'd like to add to your listing so today's users who are in-market want to visit your business! VisitYuma's website has had over 290,000 unique users in 2019 so far.
  • 2.6 million impressions
  • 15,135 followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In.
  • 49,000 engagements
Source: Sprout Social, July 2018-April 2019
What's in a word?
Visit Yuma is starting down the track towards refining our brand and what we say about this place that we market, fabulous Yuma! A first exercise with staff developed a Word Cloud of who we say we want to be, and we stacked that up to the most popular words we have used in our social media and other content, to see if we're hitting the mark...New words added to the deck so far include agriculture, blue skies, desert, outdoors, and farm fresh, to push more to our potential visitors, as we market this corner of the great Southwest! Please share your feedback about what you feel should be emphasized more in what we say about the Yuma area. Stay tuned as Visit Yuma goes down the path of further honing in on telling our story and matching that up to what visitors are looking for in a destination!
 Debuting Soon!
VisitYuma's own coloring book will be printed soon. It features local artists Lia Littlewood, Sergio Arroyo, Josh Benz, Louise Fluer, Lorie Mott, and Rachel Negron.  The scenes depicted show the Ocean to Ocean bridge, the Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival, Castle Park, Telegraph Pass, Yuma Territorial Prison, Los Algodones, desert scenery, the Old City Hall Heritage Center, Yuma's military, and sand dunes.

NEW MEMBERS: Thanks for joining: Better Business Bureau, Cocopah Speedway, Ft. Yuma Rotary, J.T. Bros Sandwich Company, RAM Pest, and Ag Table members A.T. Pancrazi Real Estate Services, Inc., and Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation & Drainage District.

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